B2B selling in 2021 – give me industry expertise over the flawed pursuit of hyper-personalization

I absolutely love this article and wanted to share it with my community. 

3 HUGE Reasons This Article is a Must Read!!

1. It is controversial. Why is that important? It means that it is pushing the status quo and making the old machines think about what they are doing and if they are still valuable. 

2. Hyper-Personalization is all the rage. But, is it really all that it’s cracked up to be?  Does it really help to throw technology like AI at a problem that might just be a human problem?  Can we honestly believe that AI will solve our problems and be able to tell us when a human is really going to be ready to buy something just from data? 

3. The biggest challenge for sales & marketing is culture. (My opinion). In our short history of content marketing, inbound marketing and email marketing, we have created some very rigid “rules” for the roles. I think marketers need to be storytellers like an old-school journalist and salespeople MUST be advisors. 

4. It is easier to sell anything when your business leaders are active in the industry. That not happens mostly online. The value of your leaders as industry experts and the content that it provides for all levels of your organization is invaluable and not something most AI-Driven automated triggers for hyper-personalization can really solve. 

See the link below to read Jon Reed’s complete article. 

This article is published on:https://diginomica.com/b2b-selling-2021-give-me-industry-expertise-over-flawed-pursuit-hyper-personalization

My last piece on the myth of hyper-personalization stirred the pot – but I didn’t do enough to establish a viable alternative. So grab your beverage of choice, and check my outspoken argument for where sales and marketing should head in 2021.

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