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Do You Have a Digital Roadmap?

Do you have a “Digital Roadmap?”

So many companies today are stuck in “Analog” mode

Worse, so many think they have progressed to the “Digital” age but have not

Using cold outreach programs like email and phone calls is not digital, those have been in place since the 1980s!

No, “Digital”, is about real-time communication that takes place ONLINE

In addition, Digital is about creating real-time data collection and availability across your organization

So how do we determine where your organization is in your digital journey while building out your digital roadmap? 

  1. We create your digital strategy & Roadmap through digital workshops with your leadership teams
  • This consists of half to full-day sessions with your teams designed to pull out your goals and priorities so that your Digital Roadmap can be created
  • In addition, these workshops will help your teams to truly understand the mission and what the benefits of digital will be

  1. We provide a comprehensive report on where your organization is today via an online competitive analysis
  • The goal here is to begin working towards digitally dominating your markets via all online news and social feeds

  1. We train your teams how to maximize their digital activities with customized Bootcamp training programs
  • This combined with our ongoing digital influence program provides the training needed for ALL forward-facing teams across your organization

  1. Our weekly digital influence academy and unique live and recorded training allow for real-time Q & A with immediate results

  1. Lastly, because training is not a one-and-done activity, we provide ongoing managed programs along with “train the trainer”  programs that ensure long-term lasting success!
  • In addition, we bring “technology” to the solution in the form of a platform that becomes the basis of your future success
  • This platform keeps all other steps in check and provides the key KPIs and activities to allow for real-time monitoring and adjustments

So the next question might be…What is a digital roadmap? 

“A digital roadmap is a high-level document that outlines what goal a business wants to achieve, identifying some digital initiatives that can help it get there. It provides a blueprint for action that aligns digital initiatives with short- and longer-term business objectives”

What are the steps to take in creating your digital roadmap? 

Here are the “10” Steps to your Digital Roadmap

  • Establish your vision and mission
  • Get all teams on board with your digital transformation plan
  • Quantify and prioritize all key opportunities 
  • Set KPIs
  • Establish accountability but leave room for adaptation and adjustments
  • Allocate time and budgets with all team members
  • Take a phased approach, don’t do too much at once
  • Establish feedback channels from the start and follow them all the way along
  • Celebrate micro goals and achievements with team recognition and rewards
  • Never stop adapting and reinventing your business

  1. Working as a team or in teams build out the goals for each business component of your organization

Now build in how each of these goals can be met through digital transformation

  1. Bring it all together as a cohesive Digital plan for all teams to further review and update so that “ALL” are on board and in agreement

  1. This can be the biggest challenge…setting the priorities, not all can be done at once while some things can easily be done in Parallel

Your success here will determine your success overall

  1. Break out each step required and all Key Performance Indicators possible, this is where detail counts!

  1. Ensure that each team is responsible for its goals but allow for changes and adjustments to be made as needed as long as the integrity of the goals are maintained

  1. Carefully assign the required time and resources to each goal again leaving room for changes but not outside of the agreed-upon criterion 

  1. One step at a time! Whether by team or individual, “Walk, Don’t Run!” It took this long to get the process started, don’t try to finish it only to have to begin all over again!!

  1. Set up open and free moving discussion channels like Slack or Teams to allow for easy information sharing and support across all teams throughout the process

  1. Celebrate wins and losses as they are all important, you can’t move forward without making mistakes. 

By empowering all to make mistakes the wins will be magnificent!

  1. It’s never done.

The next big transformation is already visible before you finish and if you don’t yet see it, you soon will…

Let the process you have created become part of your new culture going forward!!

Your Digital Roadmap begins with Digital workshops across all your executive and management teams

These Facilitated Digital Workshops will provide you with the blueprint for your complete Digital Roadmap 

Start yours today! 

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