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How to Engage Your Prospect as a Modern Seller | Amy Franko

Amy Franko does an excellent job understanding the modern challenges that sellers experience. This article is actually a podcast recording where Amy is a guest on the Engaged Prospect Show.

She addresses the challenges sellers have with competition, standing out in a busy space and how sales reps must do things differently than ever before. Amy is a friend who has taught me how to reframe the sales reps role to be more successful. 

When most sales teams experience over 50% of their team members NOT hitting their sales goals, it is a problem. Her approach is informative and practical for sales reps in any industry. 

This is a must listen to anyone in sales and trying to navigate filling their pipeline or accelerating prospects through their pipeline. 

This article is published on:https://amyfranko.com/how-to-engage-your-prospect-as-a-modern-seller/

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