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Why Consumers Want Brand Communities, Not More Ads

In a study coordinated with LinkedIn, a group of marketers wanted to know the effectiveness of company posts versus posts published by individuals.

What they found is that people want to engage with people, not companies. After all, we all know that business is done through relationships. Why did the invention of the internet and social media cause marketers to think that all of a sudden, people would want to build a relationship with a company and not the people who make up the company??!!??

I am sharing this article because it helps us understand the value of individuals and the communities that they create where they share and learn from other like-minded people. Community matters! Enjoy.

This article is published on:https://www.aspireiq.com/blog/why-consumers-want-brand-communities-not-more-ads

To power growth and drive advocacy, brands need to manage diverse communities that weigh in at every level. This means building products, serving experiences, and telling stories that are co-created with a brand’s community.

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