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“8” steps to master Sales Cadence!

“8” Steps to master Sales Cadence!

What is sales cadence?

Sales cadence is a sequence of activities followed by a sales team to develop new customers. 

These activities are typically spread over a period of time measured in days and weeks. Further, these activities should not be limited to one media but rather should leverage many to create multiple touchpoints across many channels. 

This is an excellent article outlining how to create the best sales cadence practices…;

8 Sales Cadence Best Practices to Follow

  • Create an Ideal Customer Profile. 
  • Shortlist the Channels of Communication. 
  • Identify the Necessary Number of Touches. 
  • Refine the Value Proposition. 
  • Finalize the Media and Content Types.
  • Space Out the Attempts. 
  • Testing and Optimizing Your Cadence. 
  • Know When to Break Up.

Now once you create your cadence, how do you put it into action from one platform?

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