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Amplify for More Reach – Earned Social Media through Employee Advocacy

Amplify for More Reach!

Not just reach more, get MORE REACH.

This is the easiest way for companies to get More Reach and for individuals to reach more buyers. 

Employee Advocacy has been a hot new tool to help companies with brand awareness. It is time to take employee advocacy to a whole new level that provides net new leads as well as more brand awareness. Here is how it begins. 

Most sales and marketing leaders would be thrilled to be able to reach their employees connections with consistent messaging to expand brand awareness and drive traffic to the company website. Consider the average person has 940 connections on LinkedIn. When you have a company with 100, 300, 500 or more people, one can quickly see the value of social amplification. 

But, most companies resort to hoping, maybe a little pleading and some begging to try to get their team to actually shares posts. 

They ask at team meetings for people to take time to share their posts. Some teams send out emails. Others use a #social channel in Slack to provide social post assets easier for the team. Unfortunately most of these methods still end up with small adoption rates. Even enterprise organizations that us social post libraries have a difficult time getting their team members to be consistent.  

But, with our Amplify solution, we bring you More Reach!  Your New Reach! 

The easiest way to get your team to publish brand social post. But, not just Amplification, but quantify, identify companies engaging with your content and identify individuals who are engaging when your team member’s posts. 

What is the True Value of Social Media for Sales?

Social Media has powerful implications for your sales team success. Here is some data of what we know about social media and buyers and how it greatly benefits your sales when your team shares. 

  • According to LinkedIn, 62% of B2B customers respond to salespeople who connect by sharing content and insights that are relevant to the buyer.
  • 92% of B2B customers are willing to engage with sales reps who have positioned themselves as an industry thought leader. This credibility is often attained by posting regularly to social media.

It’s time to turn social media into earned social media when you quantify and identify your reach

What if you could identify anyone who clicked a post that your rep shared on LinkedIn?  What if you could not just identify them but also learn that they were an ideal customer?  What if you could add a targeted Watchlist so your reps would be a notification whenever a targeted lead read one of their articles?  It would be a powerful tool to help identify 100 and 1000’s of missed opportunities! 

What if you can identify which articles and the article attribution this person read? 

Consider 41% of B2B buyers view 3-5 pieces of content online before interacting with a salesperson makes this insight even more valuable.

When you move social media activity into an Earned Social Media Solution, it gives your team a powerful new tool to identify your hidden funnel. It helps you identify potential leads before individuals identify themselves. 

74% of business buyers conduct over half of their research before contacting a sales rep. Shouldn’t your team join their buying journey before any of your competition?  

I would be glad to help you learn more about FunnelAmplified and our Amplify solution. Use any of my easy clicks to connect with me or schedule a time for us to talk.  

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