Build Your Sales Plan for Professional Services

I like sharing content that is created by people who I admire. I admire Amy Franko. As I continue to build our the Masterclass, The Salespreneur Method, I find myself reading more and more of her content. 

Professional services is a unique industry. Focusing on your clients and growing you business can be daunting. As you move into 2021, it is a good time to consider your growth plan. Growth plans alone can be challenging. So often we want to be everything for everyone because it’s hard to say “no” to anyone. 

I shared this article because Amy provides a simple but very powerful framework for a growth plan that is doable. I would love to hear your best takeaway or gold nugget as I like to call them, from this article

This article is published on:https://amyfranko.com/build-your-sales-plan-for-professional-services/

Which prospects, which clients, and which sales activities will you invest your precious time and resources in? And what will move us forward faster and most effectively? Having the right sales plan will help you get there. Learn how to build your sales plan for professional services.

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