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Build Your Sales Plan for Professional Services

I like sharing content that is created by people who I admire. I admire Amy Franko. As I continue to build our the Masterclass, The Salespreneur Method, I find myself reading more and more of her content. 

Professional services is a unique industry. Focusing on your clients and growing you business can be daunting. As you move into 2021, it is a good time to consider your growth plan. Growth plans alone can be challenging. So often we want to be everything for everyone because it’s hard to say “no” to anyone. 

I shared this article because Amy provides a simple but very powerful framework for a growth plan that is doable. I would love to hear your best takeaway or gold nugget as I like to call them, from this article

This article is published on:https://amyfranko.com/build-your-sales-plan-for-professional-services/

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