Earning B2B buyer trust – does so-called “thought leadership” content have a role?

The B2B buying process needs a rethink! Isn’t that the truth!??!

This article speaks to the same message we have been pounding at FunnelAmplified for the past few years. So much of the hype of buyer behavior discounts major human elements like trust.

Great line ins this article, “The so-called “buyer’s journey” looks more like a map of a dog running through a park than a linear path.”

Yes! And, why is that? Buyers have the ability to research from a wide variety of sources and contacts. The key is buyer’s have a Trust Network of friends. Some friends are real, personal friendships. Others are simply online relationships or trusted advisors whom they opt-in for content and learning.

Buyers are under pressure but when humans are under pressure to make decisions they tend to seek out people the trust and ask for advice.

Are your sellers inside the buyers trust circles?

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