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How 8 Brands Mastered Marketing and Sales Alignment

The data is always in favor of a well aligned sales and marketing team. 

I have seen organizations that are well aligned are just plain better than their competitors. They have better culture, longer tenures for their key team leaders. Why? 

Because they are more successful.  When sales and marketing are well aligned:

According to Hubspot and this article, a company whose sales and marketing teams are well aligned generate 209% more revenue from marketing activities. They are also 67% better at closing deals

So it begs that question, how do you help your sales and marketing team have better alignment, work together and be more efficient?  

Read this full article, link below, to read how 8 brands are doing it well and the success that are having from it. 

This article is published on:https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/marketing-sales-alignment-examples

Learn how eight brands mastered marketing and sales alignment, and how you might successfully align your own teams for 2021 and beyond.

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