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Learning from the Experts – Digital Influence & Selling Bootcamp

Our Digital Influence & Selling Bootcamp program is not just for our corporate clients. 

We know smaller companies need training and support too. That is why we created our monthly Open Class program. We want to help you create digital selling programs and systems to help you sell more and grow your business. 

One of our customers recently enrolled 5 sales professionals into this bootcamp program. In the first 6 months of working with out trainers and using our FunnelAmplified solution, they increased sales by 21% and their qualified pipeline by 26.5%. 

Are you an individual sales professional looking to improve your digital selling skills? This is a great program for you. 

Are you a sales leader looking to get training for yourself and a small team?  This is a great program for you too!  

Get all the training and tools we provide in professional Bootcamp program which we created as the foundation of our corporate customer programs in our 10-week program. We don’t expect your smaller company to pay their $100’s of thousands of dollars for digital selling training. But, we know you need to learn new ways to find, connect and start new conversations with our ideal customers.  

Want to discuss the program with me? Use my links to the right to call me, text me or schedule a meeting with me.

Visit our Digital Influence & Selling page for a short 2-minute video that provides an overview of our program and can help you decide if this digital selling and social selling program is right for you and your team. 

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