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No One Will Read a post where your message is “Great Article”

Imagine being in a conversation with a prospect. It could be on a phone call or even at a lunch meeting. Based on what you know about your prospect and their current needs, you think of an article that you read that you think would help them.

You smile real big and you say, “I read a great article. You should read it.”

Then, you take a bite of your salad and wait for your prospect to reply.

Well, they probably won’t. They will most likely be really confused and they would probably think, “Why should I take my time to read it?”

Without context or a motivating reason why they should read it, they would most likely smile, thank you for it and never ever actually read the article.

If they don’t actually read it, then they won’t get any value from reading it. And, the person who shared it with them will never get thanked for sharing such great insights with them.

Most likely people would not share a brochure, book, article or any other valuable piece of content with anyone without some sort of context as to why they are sharing it or more importantly, why their prospect should want to read it.

Unfortunately, this happens way too often in social media.

“Great article”  or similar and a link to an article. 

The person posting this may feel good about sharing a social post. But, does it does it help further their influence or ability to be seen as a subject-matter expert if no one actually reads it? Probably not. 

Here is a very simple way to share valuable articles with your prospects in a way that helps 

  1. Position yourself as a subject-matter expert or at least as someone who is knowledgeable about the subject. 
  2. Get more engagement and readers to consume what you shared
  3. Differentiate from competitors

Curate articles into engaging, well-written social posts in 10 minutes per day.

Here are 4 steps with a very simple script to share more engaging and therefore more valuable post for both you and your prospects.


  1. Read the article
  2. Create a post in LinkedIn and use the link to the article. 
  3. Use the template below to fill in the blanks in your own words to create a post that shares your professional and personal insights and experience. 

“I am sharing this article because ______”

“This is valuable information for ______ ( job title) in ______ (industry) because _____”

“Here are 3 key points from this article I believe are most important.”

  1. _________
  2. _________
  3. _________

That’s it. 

Just fill in the blanks with your own words based on the article you just read.

This system will completely change the way others perceive you and how they engage with your social posts. We must share insights and information and add our personal voice to it for others to even care about it.  

Don’t waste your time sharing a post with “Great post” without any context. Most people will not give it a second thought as they scroll to the next post in their newsfeed. There are always a few courtesy Likes from friends or colleagues who want to support you. But, it’s not like they actually read the article and got something from it. 

FunnelAmplified has been helping sales professionals and business leaders for 5 years to create engaging social posts. That is why we build Prospector featuring the Magic Writer tool. 

With Magic Writer, Users select article feeds based on keywords or industry websites. 

Then, when Users login to our site they do 3 simple steps.

1. Choose an article and read it.

2. Answer a few questions by writing their answers.

3. Viola! Magic Writer creates a well-written professional insights post that is ready to publish. Or, to schedule for a future date. 

Start a free trial today. No credit card required. 

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