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Relationship Transformation Not Digital Transformation

This article is a little technical. Here is what I shared it though. 

” To make digital transformation effective and successful, it must evolve through relationship transformation (RTx) and center on escalating human-connections through digital.”

There has been such a big emphasis on tools and not actual relationship building. All digital methods are just tools that we use with the end goal of building real relationships with people. I don’t like terms like Social Selling or even Digital Marketing. It de-humanizes our efforts. 

Yes, we have the goal to sell our products. yes, we have the goal of marketing our business. 

But, the goal is to build relationships because only in relationships do we have Opportunities.  

Think of how you have built relationships your entire life. You have conversations on a variety of topics. We get to know people as people before we get to the sales pitch.  

Infinity Loop of Digital Relationship Building

The Infinity Loop of Digital Relationship Building

Many of us have done this backwards lately.  We lead with the sales pitch. We go straight to the Opportunity without going through the content and conversations. 

Think about your LinkedIn Connection requests. If you are like me, the invitation says they “want to network and get to know you” but what they really mean is “I want to sell something to you!” 

We all get tired of it. It dehumanizes us. We all want real relationships. 

Use your digital tools to build relationships by sharing content and having conversations. Then, the opportunities come from the relationship. 

I know this is not what sales leaders necessarily want to hear. They want the magic wand that produces sales. It just doesn’t happen that way in real life.  

Think about relationships you have built online. How have they gone? It is most likely a very different process than just asking for a demo and going for the sale.  

How is digital transformation working for you and your company? 

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