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Reveal the Invisible Funnel to Amplify Your Sales

Whether you are a sales leader or a marketing leader, you have been talking about your funnel for a long time. 

You most likely also talk about the inefficiencies between sales and marketing  or marketing and sales when it comes to your funnel too.

It is a challenging area for any business.  So, let’s talk about your Invisible Funnel and how to leverage it to more reach, better leads and closed deals. 

What is your Invisible Funnel?

The area above your normal sales funnel that is NOT currently attributed to a lead or a target. But, this is extremely valuable to your sales because these are people who are researching, reading your content but have not yet identified. 

Don’t you want to know anyone who is reading your content who may be a lead or prospect even if they are not yet ready to identify themselves?  

Practically, these are individuals who are clicking on social posts that your team members have shared or published on their personal social media accounts. We call this the hidden funnel, and it is quite possible the largest funnel you have, because these are the early early stage buyers who are educating themselves and discovering opportunities that are available for their business. 

When people are scrolling through LinkedIn, they click on articles that capture their attention. Revealing your hidden funnel gives you a massive advantage by discovering who these individuals are and introduce them to your sales team for awareness, potentially connecting and eventually moving into your sales funnel. 

This is Powerful for Your Content Marketing Pipeline

Before we demonstrate what you are probably currently doing and what we provide differently to reveal your hidden funnel, let us show you why we think you should care. 

When your team publishes to social media, it is way more powerful for you and them. Especially for your sales team, C-suite and anyone else motivated by commissions, retention and up-selling. 

Bottom line is when your team members publish posts, it has more influence than when your company posts. And, the average connections a person has on LinkedIn is 930. Consider a business with 500 team members, other than the consideration for duplicates, that would equal 465,000 connections.  

How many followers does your business page currently have?  How many of those are potential customers versus competitors, existing customers, employees and others?  

This is the value of your hidden funnel. 

You Most Likely Don’t Already Do This! 

Often marketers will tell us that they already do this. However, you most likely do not do this to the extent that FunnelAmplified offers.  

Most likely, you are using Google Analytics to track individuals who click your social posts and visit your website. It is standard practice to use UTM codes and track where your website traffic is originating. 

What about these currently missed opportunities?

Do you know who….

Clicks social posts that do not link back to your website? 

What if you curated an article for social sharing?  How can you track or identify anyone who was interested enough in the article to click it? 

Clicks social posts published by your team members? 

Personal social media accounts are personal. That means your current social media management and Google Analytics technology does not have any traction into your team members personal accounts. 

Do you know what they are researching and interested in learning about?  

With FunnelAmplified, you can. That is what we mean by revealing your invisible funnel with first-party intent data.

That is the invisible funnel. All those individuals who are clicking social posts to read articles in order to learn. People click on articles that capture their attention. They click on articles that will help them do their job better or grow their business better. What does this mean for you?  Content marketing has great power and potential. Especially when you can reveal the hidden funnel of people who are clicking and move them into your sales pipeline. 

With FunnelAmplified, when your team members opt-in, they can expose their hidden funnel for net new leads, better leads and close more deals. 

Want to learn more?  Use my easy-to-use communication links to chat with me now, schedule a time or see if my Zoom is currently on and knock for a quick conversation. 

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