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Russian Billionaires’ Yachts: Here’s where to find them

As the world watches in horror here’s where many of  Russia’s Billionaires are hiding out.

Hopefully, many of these have been confiscated by this point.

It’s hard to believe in 2022 we still can’t deal with war crimes while they are actually being committed 

instead of waiting for their awful humanitarian results. 

The folk song, “If I had a hammer”, comes to mind but in a slightly different context…

The reality of the last few weeks has begun to awaken the world to the dangers ahead.


This article is published on:https://www.forbes.com/sites/giacomotognini/2022/03/01/biden-and-allies-are-coming-for-russian-billionaires-yachts-forbes-tracked-down-32-heres-where-to-find-them/?sh=7a311f943dd7

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