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Social Selling or Traditional Selling?

Social Selling or Traditional Selling? 

Hello and welcome to another episode of 60-second Digital Sales tips 

So, what a dilemma!

New Sales have slowed way down and most of your sales team are well below 2022 sales targets!

Should you book another sales Rah-Rah speaker?

Should you offer monthly prizes for top performers? 

I don’t have much time here, so I’ll just say NO!!

That said, it’s also not time to throw all your current sales systems out the window either! 

This is your opportunity to retool the best of your traditional process as well as learning what social selling has to offer. 

BECAUSE It’s not one or the other…it’s both!

You updated your CRM, now its time to update your sales process

Where do you start? 

Start with yourself and become a credible leader in digital first…then move on to your teams.

Leaders lead by example they don’t just delegate. 

Firstly, Digital selling is not selling stuff on Facebook…get over that outdated image. 

Digital starts with your personal online profiles…

Want to learn more…let’s get started

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