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Where are all the Digital Salespeople?

I know what you are thinking, another blog on the death of traditional salespeople!

This is not that article.

In fact, we need Digital salespeople NOW!

Most of our clients are looking for and need salespeople right across North America. The problem is, most, 90%+ of today’s salespeople have critical challenges:

1) they have been trained to develop new customers with outdated methods that in today’s new world, simply no longer work

2) they are relying on leads to be supplied from their company and in today’s world these are no longer as plentiful, in fact for many this has stopped all together. 

3) they have not yet learned how to develop a never-ending supply of interested, qualified customers by using the same thing your customers are using, social media!

This is absolutely not to say that ALL previous sales skills learned are no longer needed. This is to say that many are simply outdated and need to be updated.

Your old and outdated company systems have been replaced with new faster and more efficient systems so why are your sales teams still working with methods developed in the 1970s!?

Traditional Sales Reps can be trained to be digital social selling sales reps

The traditional outside sales rep

Digital Sales Professional on average make more revenue

Certified Social Sales Professional

You replaced outdated corporate systems!

Now it’s time to retrain and create certified social sales professionals

Your customers have changed.
Your salespeople have not.
It’s really that simple.

Customers of every kind do the same thing you do, they google any question they have!

This is where today’s sales process begins, because during this initial stage of interest if they don’t find you, you lose.

Game over.

So what new skilled activity do you need to ensure you’re found?

Content, content, and much more content.

Whether you are putting up content on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or others, it is this content that ultimately puts you in front of that customer when a question is asked via google or any social channel.

When done correctly this can create a whole series of engagements that ultimately lead to a customer entering your sales process where your retooled sales team can close the deal.

This content can be blogs, shared articles, videos, podcasts, pictures, etc. This sounds much simpler than it is, after all, if it was simple you would be doing it already!

However, with a system and a process results can be achieved very quickly.

What you don’t want is corporate advertising!

What you do want is information and insight that you know your customers are looking for.

Employee Advocacy and social selling go hand in hand in today's modern selling

Employee Advocacy

Search Engine Optimization in 2022

You also don’t want just marketing doing this. In fact, the lines between sales and marketing are all but gone.

Sales & marketing teams need to be creating, sharing, and finding content together, not separately. This is a discussion for another article but is also critical to success.

To get you started on how to write great content, here is a suggested Tip;

Write down the top 10 questions your prospects might google when they need your services or products.

Now, google these questions yourself.

What came up? Ads, maybe some of your competitors, what page did you come upon?

These are now the topics of your next articles!

Take each question and answer it in detail in a separate article. Do not sell but rather explain and answer the question completely as if you were explaining to a customer.

No flag waving as to how you and your company are the best, just the facts.

This process along with some other key steps will help you begin the journey of connecting with your customers and prospective customers.

This process also creates what we call “Inbound” and this is how you will ultimately know you are getting results.

Again, your customers have learned how to find what they need immediately, shouldn’t you understand this as well?

So, don’t hire another sales rep, hire or train them to be a Certified Social Sales Professional 

If you would like to know more about how this can help your organization and or some of the tools we use to make this happen, just let me know!

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