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Tempers flare over emotion-sensing AI

Is this taking AI too far?

Using emotion-sensing AI to help sales teams and even teachers seems harmless?

Relying more and more on these technologies has all sorts of risks not the least of which is bad data.

Automation can be very useful but it can also be detrimental to the “Human” experience.

Sales is about relationships and people…too much automation removes the human touch. 

Automation in sales has already taken huge leaps, but there have been many failures along the way.

How many automated pitches do you get on LinkedIn and how do you respond? 

Further, how many automated spam emails fill up your email boxes? 

There is a place for automation but never at the expense of real engagement and relationships.

Having a real conversation with a customer can never be replaced by a bot!

Don’t forget to engage with your customers online just as you do in the real world…they are waiting for you!

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