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What Does A Social Organization Look Like?

You are probably so tired of hearing about Covid and how our world is changing.  

We are too!

But, it doesn’t change the reality that our world WILL change and continue to change a lot. 

Digital Transformation is a REAL. The term may me widely used and with a lot of different definitions. However, we think we can all agree that digital has changed, and will continue to change how we do business and life. 

Why is this important to you and your organization?  

All of our day-to-day ways of doing things have already changed just by working from home.  How we meet people, how we start new work relationships, how we engage with customers and with our team will change forever. This is not an over dramatization either. 

So, What is a Social Organization and why is it important to your organization now?  Check out the video and the link below to the full article. 

This article is published on:https://funnelamplified.com/blog/what-does-a-social-organization-look-like/

Social media is the third leg of digital transformation. So what does a social organization look like? Related to sales it’s not likely what you think it is.

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