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Why Do CEOs need to lead on Social Media?

Why do CEOs need to lead on Social Media? 

43% of executives with socially active CEOs say their company’s leaders are inspiring, compared with only 26% whose CEOs don’t use social media.

76% of senior executives believe that having a CEO active and effective on social media gives the brand more credibility.

73% percent of CEOs on social media say that one of the top benefits is using it to reach and connect with employees, and half of the consumers believe that CEOs who don’t use social media are out of touch with their customers.

86% of executives with a social CEO leading the company, describe that CEO as “open and honest.” (Transparent)

These seem like pretty good reasons and you can add that the overall costs to any business can be cut dramatically by it’s leaders simply being active and effective on Social Media.

What costs are significantly improved?

  • Employee acquisition
  • Employee retention (replacement costs)
  • Marketing and advertising costs
  • Customer acquisition and retention
  • And so on…

I know, writing and publishing your own content as a leader is tough.

Clearly, doing so is well worth it!!

Start amplifying your voice today! 

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