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Can Social Help Us Strengthen Relationships with Existing Customers?


This is one of the reasons I don’t love the term social selling. It creates all sorts of thoughts and opinions about its utility for an organization. At FunnelAmplified, we have social training programs for sales, SDR’s, customer success, HR and the C-Suite.

One of our customers during a Social Strategy Workshop, created a Social Vision Statement that included, 

“…social is a platform to reduce the distance between our team and those we would like to influence”.

I like this as a vision statement because it focuses on social as a communication medium. We all want to communicate with our customers. We want to build strong bonds with existing customers and want the industry to view our company and our team as trusted advisors.

Social is an efficient communication channel to do exactly this. Here are 4 ways to use social as a very effective and inexpensive way to strengthen relationships with customers. Whether your team who nurtures relationships are called customer success, account managers or relationship managers, these are high quality actions to protect your customer relationship, ensure renewals and increase revenues.

Here is a summary with more explanation of each below.

1. Consistently provide valuable insights to customers

2. Create Customer Team as influential, micro-influencers for your industry

3. Reduce contact turnover from hurting renewals

4. Socially dominate your industry’s newsfeed.

Consistently provide valuable insights to customers

Relationship Managers who consistently share new content with their customers remain viewed as a trusted advisor and valuable external member to the customer teams. Unlike sharing brand content from the corporate blog, content created or provided by the individual relationship manager is perceived as more valuable and read more frequently.


Create Customer Team as influential, micro-influencers for your industry

Social is an ideal platform for customer success team to generate conversations. When they share social posts, generate engagement and sharing, the customer success team member becomes a micro-influencer and increases value to customers.


Reduce contact turnover from hurting renewals

Social is an efficient and natural way for account managers to grow their influence and relationships in customer teams. Unlike phone calls, visiting clients and entertaining at events, social won’t be canceled. It is a natural way to develop new relationships and can help build multiple relationships simultaneously. Plus, it is highly inexpensive compared to these other strategies.

Buying teams continue to expand in size and the more your client relationships your account managers can have influence with, the better the opportunity for renewals and new business.


Socially dominate the newsfeed

One of the largest and best opportunities for companies to crush their competition is the social newsfeed. When your team views social media as a communication platform, consistent, highly engaging social posts position your team members as micro-influencers for your industry.

What would it look like for your revenues if every time clients and prospective customers logged into LinkedIn, they were encountering your team members’ posts? What if those social posts were highly engaged, socially shared and generated new conversations with customers looking to solve their challenges?  

That is digital dominance.

Want to learn more?

Let’s grab time to talk in a no-pressure, no BS conversation and explore if social is a good strategy to include with your current activity playbooks.

Maybe a Social Strategy Workshop is what you need. Ask about our half day and full-day programs to help your team cast vision for how social can become your most powerful communication channel for all revenue, retention and recruiting needs.

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