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7 Key Metrics to Track When Measuring Your Content Engagement

What is engagement? 

Between sales & marketing, the answer seems to be very different.

For marketing as this article outlines, engagement is about website traffic and lead conversions.

However, for sales, it’s very different.

In a digital or social sales process, “Engagement” is the act of having a conversation with someone.

In other words, when we post content we are doing so to generate conversations about the topic.

These conversations begin with likes and comments and often lead to people reaching out to learn more.

This is the whole concept around social selling.

However, for marketing their goals are different.

Their goals are to drive traffic back to a website where it can convert into an online registration or request.

Both of these goals are valuable. 

The challenge is that they need to work together and not separate from each other.

Sales need to be able to leverage and create great content that can drive conversations. 

While marketing needs to contribute more content so that sales can easily develop real conversations…

Sounds easy but it’s not! 

How would you describe “Engagement” in your sales & marketing process?

Love to hear about your results! 

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