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Are you a Digital Marketer or a Digital Salesperson?

Are you a Digital Marketer or a Digital Salesperson?

Hello and welcome to another 60-second digital sales tip

So it used to be that you were either a salesperson or you were a marketing person…

Today to be successful you need to be both.

The days of the sales hunter are over, but so too are the days of the strictly marketing person. 

Today sales and marketing are ONE!

With the digital world now completely in place the disjointed analog skills of the past have now become the integrated skills of today.

If you are not creating and posting original content you are not credible. 

There are many ways to do this quickly and easily but there is no longer any excuse for ignoring that your customers are actively online 24/7.

While they are active they are engaging with great content allowing them to buy products, services, and solutions of every kind.

The question is, are they buying yours or are they buying your competitors? 

If you do not yet have an active digital profile or organization the answer will be obvious.

The question is how to get started? 

Let’s talk!

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