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What Is a Social Strategy Workshop?

If you are like most business leaders, you are a bit tired of hearing about Digital Transformation. I get it. 

Let’s make this practical and easy to understand the value of a strategy workshop for your team. 

First, we want to learn your current priorities for your business? Here are some common objectives we often hear from customers. Some or maybe all of these may apply to your company or department.

  • new customer growth, prospecting and creating more high quality pipeline
  • existing customer growth and renewals – digital relationship building
  • more visibility and online presence
  • lower prospecting costs including fewer sales professionals and increased revenues
  • seen as trusted advisors in your industry
  • attract high quality talent 

Through identifying your objectives, we can create the workshop that best suits your goals. With clarity of team goals, we will create a workshop for your team to help create a digital and social strategy roadmap. 

Here are some key objectives and what you can expect to accomplish in a social strategy workshop.

  1. Understand  modern buyer behavior and buyer journey challenges for your industry
  2. Identify and define clear objectives for social as a communication channel
  3. Determine what success looks like 
  4. Identify barriers to success
  5. Create a working Social Vision Statement 
  6. Optional, Digital Audit on your business and up to 3 competitors to identify opportunities and potential risks

Of course, your team is unique so we will customize your experience to make sure we serve you with excellence and a program for your team. 

Curious if a Social Strategy Workshop or a Digital Audit is a good choice for your organization? 

We offer a variety of options to meet your goals. We provide 1/2 day, full day and multiple day programs. At the end of our workshops, your team will have clarity of potential opportunities, barriers and a roadmap of a social and digital program.

Our workshops, plus our follow up programs that include our FunnelAmplified Social Enablement Platform and proven, driven training programs help create an implementation and rollout plan for your team. Our programs have been created to use the power of digital and social to do these key things for your business. 

  • Communicate with customers more efficiently and less time requirements for your team
  • Increase pipeline and brand awareness
  • Accelerate high quality prospects into opportunities
  • Help buyers clearly know your business and value propositions
  • Digitally dominate the social newsfeeds for your industry

Ready to see if a workshop is the right place for your team to start? 

Use my links above to secure a meeting or chat with me and we can discuss your needs, goals and if we are confident in our ability to you with excellence. 

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