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ContentHub or LeadHub?

This article was written by my colleague Brandon Lee

(This article was written by our team member, Brian Anderson)

With FunnelAmplified, you can do both!

The terms “content hub” and “lead hub” are gaining popularity in today’s digital marketplace. At FunnelAmplified, we offer the best of both worlds.

It’s easy to see the benefits of a sales rep having an individual lead hub, particularly when used in tandem with our Social Ambassador dashboard. When a sales rep is Consistently sharing content that is relevant to their industry, It makes it easy for those in their social network to view them as a thought leader and an expert in their field.

FunnelAmplified gives your sales reps all of the tools they need to provide their customers with a true buyer enablement experience- from email marketing campaigns to integrated chat tools.

But how many busy sales reps have the time to produce and share pertinent industry content on a consistent basis? FunnelAmplified’s Upcontent Integration help’s employees and marketing teams tackle the challenge of sharing daily content.

For an organization, it’s hard to ignore the upside that comes from empowering their employees with branded content hubs. Consistent branding helps build and maintain trust. That translates into return customers. Organizations want to provide their employees with content that closely matches their company messaging.

Digital relationship building at scale

With FunnelAmplified, a single organization administrator can produce or select curated content and distribute that content to all of their employee’s content hubs in a matter of minutes. We call that the “one to many” principle.

In addition, the organization can share daily social posts to every employee’s social network. Each employee will receive a notification on their phone via our mobile app, and with a couple of clicks they can approve social posts for their Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook- simultaneously!

FunnelAmplified takes the stress of content creation and lead generation off of the employee’s shoulders and allows them to focus on selling. It takes the stress of brand expansion and social amplification off of the marketer’s shoulders and allows them to focus on creating quality campaigns that generate demand and profitability.

For example, take a look at the increase in social reach that our clients are seeing with FunnelAmplified after only 45 days!

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