Daniel Willems


Engaging is More Important Than Posting Content

Ask just about any LinkedIn trainer or coach and they will say the same thing.

Engagement is more important than posting content.  But, how does a sales professional do that consistently? 

In this video, Sandra Long shares on How to Improve Your Social Selling Approach on LinkedIn.  I think it is spot on and one of the best messages on how to effectively use social for prospecting and booking high quality opportunities. 

Here are a few of the excellent topics she discusses in this video. 

  • Some of the common misconceptions and mistakes when it comes to social selling on LinkedIn [3:08]
  • Sandra shares the different approaches to creating thought leadership for B2B organizations [10:24]
  • Sandra shares her thoughts on having the right content for social selling and staying top of mind [15:36]
  • Sandra’s advice: Focus on your pipeline, connect and engage thoughtfully with your target audience [19:21]
  • Sandra’s view on how personal you should be on LinkedIn [26:36]

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