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Putting The ‘Selling’ Back Into Social Selling

Social Selling is still about “SALES”

Somewhere along the way, social selling has been badly misunderstood! 

There are those that say they have tried it, but it did not work?

Why is that? 

This is generally due to a fundamental misunderstanding.

Social Selling is not about throwing up content as a company or individual and waiting for new customers to reach out!

Social Selling is also not about filling up people’s Direct and Private message boxes with unsolicited sales pitches! 

Social Selling is about a step-by-step process or cadence that nets amazing new digital relationships with the right people…leading to…SALES! 

The trick is all in those key steps. 

In addition, using a systematic approach via a digital sales platform will allow you to create the right cadences and behaviors that work!

You may already be using a well-known sales enablement platform or CRM…that’s great!

Now consider integrating a digital cadence and social selling solution that will really get results and much-improved traction from your teams.

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This article is published on:https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbestechcouncil/2022/03/28/putting-the-selling-back-into-social-selling/?sh=4e9983d02ed1

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