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Modern Sales Challenges Part 1: “Buyers Don’t Want to be Bothered by Salespeople.”

Gone are the days of high-pressure selling and 30 minute demos. Buyers will do almost anything nowadays to avoid being bothered by a salesperson. Even if that means doing a lot, if not all, of their own research. 

The power no longer lies in the hands of the seller, but belongs almost exclusively to the buyer. So if mass emails and demo offers aren’t cutting it anymore, how are Sales Reps supposed to get their foot in the door? 

What we have found at FunnelAmplified is that buyers want two things. They want pressure-free content and they want easily accessible experts to help solve their problems.  

Something that has stood the test of time is that people don’t want to buy from companies, people want to buy from people. Buyers are more likely to buy if they trust their sellers. In order to gain their trust, you need to demonstrate that you have a wealth of knowledge and can provide them valuable resources to help guide their decisions. 

As our Founder, Brandon Lee, always says, “nothing’s changed, it’s just different”. The need for Sales hasn’t gone away, but the way sellers engage with buyers needs to evolve. Buyers are looking for the information they need to make the best decisions for themselves and for their company. As a Sales Rep, your job is to make that process easy for them and to position yourself as someone they can trust. 

Our AI-Driven Buyer Intent solution enables sellers and customer support teams to deliver valuable content directly to individual buyers in a unique, professional, and highly personal manner. Furthermore, the AI on the backend allows sellers to see who among their prospects is the most engaged with their content and specifically what is catching their attention. Firstly, this gives sellers the ability to know where to focus their time and energy in order to accelerate their sales pipeline. Secondly, it helps them know what information is most valuable so they better know how to serve their customer’s needs throughout the buying process. 

Ready to stop wasting time on buyers who have no interest and start focusing on the ones who are in need of your expertise? Reach out and contact us for more information, or schedule a meeting here if you’re ready to see the Buyer Intent Dashboard in action! 

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