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Movement Mortgage Case Study

See how sharing company content with FunnelAmplified resulted in immediate results for Movement Mortgage!

It’s one thing to talk about the benefits of employees sharing company content on social media. It’s another thing to see a real life example that produced 2X-3X higher results in less than 45 days (saving the company $74,184 in annual paid marketing.)

Within as little as 1 week, our client Movement Mortgage onboarded 981 loan officers (55%) to the FunnelAmplified platform. For every single post created by the marketing department using FunnelAmplified, 981 employees shared that same exact post.

The results?

  • A 141% increase in Facebook reach, which resulted in a 407% increase in organic views of Facebook video and Facebook traffic
  • A 29% increase in overall live blog traffic (an extra 10,000 organic views for every post)
  • An additional 470 clicks for each post that was published with FunnelAmplified

The reason we saw an immediate increase in reach, engagement and clicks? Because we organized and leveraged a huge asset that the company had, but wasn’t utilizing-

their employee’s networks.

By successfully onboarding and sharing marketing content on behalf of 981 employees, the company received an extra 3,473,053 views in monthly organic reach; that’s a 141% increase in reach!

That’s the difference between content coming from a person vs. a company.

It’s fantastic to see the impact and reach, but here’s why this strategy was so powerful- content coming from an employee receives higher reach and conversions.

When employees are consistently sharing content on social media, their network finds it 3x more trustworthy, 8x more engaging and 24x more likely to share! This produces 7x higher conversions.

You Invite. We Train. It’s that simple!

Adoption is key to a successful employee advocacy program, and with FunnelAmplified’s automated user onboarding system, we make it fast and easy.

The first step is to send users a link to join your Employee Advocacy program. After they click the link, the FunnelAmplified customer success team takes it from there!

Each employee will have access to how-to videos and our knowledge base for best practices, and one-on-one support for any questions they may have.

At FunnelAmplified we take our client’s success very seriously. Our dedicated customer success team’s primary objective is to help our clients grow their business. We are focused on their user experience, and we strive to make our platform easy and fun to use!

Final Thoughts

More conversations create more opportunities. It’s amazing to see the benefits when sales reps are actively aligned with marketing and amplifying company content through social media.

How about you? What would your business look like if 5x more people saw your message every month and you received more traffic to your site?

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