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The importance of the people’s role in your digital transformation – HR Executive

People make your digital transformation successful!

I was on a call with a busy and talented videographer who told me stories about his experiences with many of his corporate clients.

He told me the most common request was from corporate clients who wanted to begin using video to better reach their markets and employees.

Great idea!

However, while the idea was right, their next request was for him to set up in their boardroom where all the leaders could tell the world how great they are!!

They clearly missed the point!!

Digital transformation and communication are not about the media you choose…it’s about the people and the way you communicate!

Want to shoot a video that connects…get the heck out of your boardrooms, out of your stuffy offices and buildings, and get out to where your customers are!!

Now, talk to them like humans, like your neighbors and your friends…isn’t that what you want them to be? 

This article is excellent in explaining why so many digital transformations fail or wander for years…

If the pandemic has taught us anything it’s that people no longer relate to the corporate world … so what now?

It’s the people…are you actually connecting or are you just preaching the same old message on a different channel? 

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