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Three Steps To Solving Employee Retention Problems

What’s your employee retention?

According to data from Visier, one in four workers left their job in 2021, and if this trend continues, the number could grow to one in three workers, according to the “2020 Retention Report” by Work Institute.

Some scary stats for sure but this is what caught my attention…one of the top reasons an employee stays or joins is based on
“How the organization is perceived, true or not, and based on that…the cultural fit”

Hmmm, how the organization is perceived? 

Where does that perception come from today?

Our digital world! Through digital media and social media along with digital word of mouth which now moves faster than the speed of light hitting millions of people instantly and simultaneously!

So your company’s online presence and reputation thereof are one of the single most important elements in attracting and retaining top employees.

What is your company’s online presence? 

What is your company’s online reputation and how are you perceived? 

Do you know? 

Firstly, time to find out.

Secondly, you can fix this. 

It’s not hard and it’s not expensive but it does need to be addressed.

The biggest cost item for your company is your employees, does it not make sense to make this as efficient and effective as possible??

Let’s talk.

Employee & Brand Advocacy 

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