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What Is Funnel Amplification and How Does It Benefit Your Business?

Hey #FunnelAmplifiers! Let’s talk about what funnel amplification actually is and how it helps your business grow by increasing its profitability.


This blog is for a modern Marketer who wants to improve marketing effectiveness through better SEO, higher engagement, more personalization, meaningful KPIs, and increased leads. Let’s discuss “What is Funnel Amplification and How Does It Benefit Your Business?” You will discover how to hack your demand-gen by amplifying your current funnel to drive more MQLs 24/7.  

Modern Marketer’s Challenges: Complexity, Change, and Competition

Let’s admit it: being a marketer is pretty challenging in today’s fast-paced digital world where new technology is invented every few minutes and we’re asked to do more with less to meet higher revenue goals.

As a seasoned marketer myself, I know exactly what you face daily: complexity, change, and competition. Me too!

The world of marketing is not that simple. There’s website, SEO, PPC, social media marketing, email marketing,  video marketing, podcast marketing, influencer marketing, content marketing, marketing automation, sales enablement, and it’s all on you!

Marketing is complex. And it’s ever-changing. 

From what you need to do to how you need to do it, marketing is rapidly evolving.

Google launches life-altering idex updates. It tailors its search bots to meet the voice-search demands of web users… and you’re stack figuring out schema markup and technical SEO for your website to just merely maintain the same level of traffic as before.

And of course, there’s competition.

Globalization dissolved the walls in the universe. Today, any kid in the corner of a preschool classroom, armed with his big brother’s laptop and wifi, can easily beat you out of business, so you must be on guard at all times.

How do you create good content, build a social community, send personalized emails and ads, drive organic engagement across all your channels, do SEO effectively, produce awesome videos and podcasts on-the-go, provide sales enablement support to empower your Smarketing team, and stay current on the ever-changing industry best practices?  

You need to think outside the box.

The box is one funnel and it’s that of your brand.

Your brand posts epic content. Your brand’s social pages distribute the content. Your brand’s community engages with that content. And that’s how leads flow into your brand’s one and only sales funnel.

There’s a more sophisticated approach to demand generation and it’s called “funnel amplification.”

What Is Funnel Amplification?

Amplification is the process of increasing the volume, especially using an amplifier (Webster Dictionary).

What is an amplifier for your funnel? Your team!

You see, amplification of your funnel happens through its omnification.

I know you can probably break your tongue saying this but it’s not hard to understand at all.

Let me explain.

Funnel omnification means that you use all channels, and I don’t just mean your branded social media platforms but also those of your team members, to drive leads to your already-existing funnel.

That’s how your funnel is amplified.

Four Benefits of Funnel Amplification

1. Content Amplification

The more people can offer their social channels to promote and distribute your brand-approved content, the better it is for your demand-gen.

The more eyeballs on your content, the higher the engagement, conversions, leads, opportunities, and deals closed.

You can have your entire team add leads to your funnel! Seriously, you can give every person on your team a funnel with their own lead magnet (valuable content piece) and CRM integration.

How is it possible?

Let’s discuss.

If you’re already producing content, just imagine the ROI you can generate if more people share it with more people!

After all, you’ve worked so hard on it, I know it. Your content deserves more exposure, engagement, and conversions. And your funnel deserves more leads.

Writing this content right now, I’m staying up way into the Monday night because there’s just so much work for us to do as marketers. It’s never-ending.

That’s why I really care that your content gets the so-deserved exposure to the universe. The hard work you’re invested into it deserves a great reward of engagement.

And your brand deserves to grow.

2. Lead Generation

Top of funnel activities are campaigns aimed to improve brand awareness. These activities include many content marketing efforts, such as email, social media, blog posts, SEO, paid advertising, white papers, podcat, video, and more.

Top of the funnel marketing generates leads that feed into your brand’s lead nurture program, with the ultimate goal of converting those leads into new opportunities.

You know the conversion hustle: MILs to MQLs to SALs to SQLs to opportunities.

There’s a new way to drive more MILs and MQLs! It doesn’t require more effort from you but it does help you get better return on investment on your current effort.  

Here’s the thing.

Today, three out of four people consult social media before purchasing a product or service. 

Buyers are looking to social media for answers.

3. Funnel Growth Hacking

The more messages you can get amplified through your team’s social platforms (that’s your omnification of channels), the more brand awareness, MILs, MQLs, SALs, SQLs, demos, and deals you can generate.

That’s what I mean when I say that you can generate leads 24/7 from every person on your team. Each team member can have a personalized funnel!

Think about every person on your team. How many social connections do they have and on how many platforms are they maintaining relationships?

According to a report from GlobalWebIndex, the average person has 7.6 active social media accounts.

Which accounts are those?

The latest survey from the Pew Research Center shows that:

73% of U.S. adults use YouTube
68% use Facebook
35% use Instagram
29% use Pinterest
27% use Snapchat
25% use LinkedIn
24% use Twitter

4. Demand Generation

The main thing for you to know is that80% of B2B leads come through LinkedIn.

How much could your demand-gen grow if your team members were sharing your content on their social platforms, especially LinkedIn?

Imagine also if each of your colleagues had a content hub where they would have brand-approved content for sharing and every link with all its SEO enagement signals and authority was attributed to your main domain through rel-canonical tagging?

Can you just think for a second how much your search engine position would improve? Gaining prime real estate in search results would help drive more organic demand.

More MILs means more MQLs and more revenue opportunities. That’s the power of funnel amplification.

How To Amplify Your Funnel

There are six aspects of amplifying your existing funnel you need to figure out to get better ROI on your marketing investment.

1. Social Expansion

Give brand-approved content to your team for sharing on their social media and expand your social footprint as their connections discover and follow your brand.

2. Content Amplification

Distribute brand-approved content to your entire organization, groups of employees, or specific individuals. Amplify your content on their social platforms.

3. SEO Maximization

Increase your website’s SEO value by improving domain authority. Use our canonical tagging for cross-posted content to benefit from social and inbound links.

4. Brand Magnification

Enlarge your brand and position your team members as thought leaders by supplying them with quality content. Grow your share of voice and brand reach.

5. Lead Generation

Drive leads from every member of your team. Build personalized Lead-Hubs, fill each hub with content and give a significant boost to your demand generation.

6. Conversion Optimization

Improve conversions by humanizing your brand. More people now trust their peers and not brands. Convert prospects faster leveraging your team’s credibility.

These six goals of your funnel amplification can all be accomplished with one software product. You guessed it right! It’s our product!

FunnelAmplified does all those complicated things for you to help you generate leads 24/7 from every person on your team.

It’s done using our product called Lead-Hubs.


Today, you no longer have to settle for just one main branded funnel. Growing your brand’s demand-gen requires innovation.

Engage your colleagues in lead generation! Build personalized Lead-Hubs for them loaded with brand-approved content and see your revenue grow .

FunnelAmplified is a lead-generation software that enables you to easily build an employee advocacy program for higher demand-gen. As you give brand-approved content to your colleagues for sharing on their social media, their social connections discover and follow your brand and turn into leads.

That’s how your social footprint expands and revenue grows.

Next Steps

Let me know in the comments below what one thing you’re going to do today to amplify your current funnel and grow your lead generation.

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