Daniel Willems


Why should you share content?

Hello and welcome to another 60-second digital sales tip! 

Why should you share content?

Content is King…or Queen!

Either way, the point is the same.

The easiest way to have content is to share it!

So,…where can you share it from?

  1. Customers
  2. Industry peers
  3. Contacts
  4. Prospects
  5. Your company content
  6. Third-party industry content 

Add all this up and there is so much available content for you to share…BUT…the trick is to say something intelligent when you do!

So often I see people sharing content without any of their own comments…what value does this have…not much!!

No matter what source you share from, say something that shows you support the person and or the topic in a way that is positive and helpful. 

This simple activity helps you grow your network while winning friends and influencing others.

In addition, you become someone that others respect for your high level of activity! 

Lastly, you can also share content from industry publications while adding your take on why it’s relevant to your network. 

People who share and comment get significantly better results than those who don’t! 

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