Daniel Willems


How many new connections this week?


One of the most important activities you need to master!

Like any of the online activities that form part of your everyday digital cadence, there are some basic guidelines you can follow especially when first getting started.

First…connect with all your customers! 

Second…begin thinking about the type of network you want to develop

Third…Get started!

Here are some basic rules to get started with…

We are going to focus here on LinkedIn as each channel is very different when it comes to connecting or following. 

There are real rules here for connecting that are critical to your success.

  1. Don’t just connect with anyone
  2. Develop lists of preferred companies and contacts you want to connect with
  3. Use a systematic cadence of engagement before connecting with key contacts
  4. Ensure that you are building a network that will provide you reach into people that match your goals and objectives
  6. Develop a systematic cadence as part of your connection process. 
  7. Never, Never, Never – sell to your connections! It’s the kiss of death and will put all of your hard work into jeopardy…think about it….what do you do when someone sells you after connecting? 
  8. Now engage more with your key connections supporting their activities and companies
  9. Now you are ready to reach out and ask for a virtual coffee so you can learn more about them and their business
  10. OR you could now invite to educational and supportive events 

Follow these basic steps and your network will not only grow but it will be one of the most important parts of your professional success!!

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