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20 Questions To Ask During a Sales Interview

Sales Interview 2022  

This time you ask the questions!

Sales have changed.

Most companies have not.

If you have digital sales skills, you call the shots! 

Many companies today are desperate to figure out how to improve their sales.

It’s never been a better time to build your career in digital sales.

Here are some of the questions you can ask to ensure it’s the company for you!!

  1. What systems and sales tools do your salespeople use? 

The answer to this question will tell you right away what century this company is working in…

This is a make-or-break question…if the answer is that he or she is not sure or simply a CRM, this might be an immediate pass…

  1. How do you onboard your new salespeople?

Tells you a lot about their process and whether they have one!! Also says a lot about their culture

  1. How do you train your teams to use digital prospecting? 

This one might stump your interviewer, but don’t panic as very few companies know what it is. The real question is… are they willing to train their people with digital prospecting and in the process adapt to the new world of digital customers and buyers?

  1. What skills do the most successful members of this team possess?

Is this an old-school company? The answer to this will tell you… yesterday’s top skills were cold calling and emailing…today’s are digital! 

  1. Where do you get your leads? What’s the process like after the leads have been obtained?

Another insightful question…if all or most leads are developed by the sales team … How is this achieved?? 

This will help you to avoid a high turnover environment with low morale 

  1. How do your managers interact with the sales representatives?

Do their managers work with the teams to advance digital skills or do they simply delegate sales lists to be called and or emailed? 

Again the answer to this will tell you if this company is in your future.

Your career is now 100% in your hands, if the company your with is not providing the right training, time to invest in your future!

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