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B2B Solution Trends in 2022

How many of these Digital trends are you ahead of?

This is an excellent and focused article…here are my takeaways

1. Changing B2B Demographics –Millennials and Business Consumers

These demographic trends change the buying behavior of customers and buyers.

If you have not updated your buyer profiles, it may be too late.

2. More Focus on Digital Marketing and Sales

This almost seems redundant at this point but the real change is “Sales”.

Digital marketing has been with us for a while but do you even know what digital sales is yet?

3. The Rise of Online B2B Marketplaces

Depending on your products or services this is now where many customers begin.

The sale may not end there, but good chance the sales process can begin here.

4. Expansion of B2B Mobile Commerce

Another almost redundant statement…BUT, technology has now taken this to a whole new level.

Your customer experience is absolutely dependent on a robust and FAST responsive process to all customers and prospective customers!

5. Progressive Web Applications and Headless Technologies

This one is tricky…and potentially expensive

Critical to know your customer’s journeys before you embark on this journey but can make all the difference

Think of the last time you were on hold for 20 minutes…this simply cannot happen in today’s digital world

6. Growth of B2B Self-Service

In the past it was all about personal service…however this has changed…today’s customers want to get the answer fast and on their own…

Again, an excellent article worth the read!

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