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5 Essentials for Lead Generation on LinkedIn

The other day I was in a conversation with 2 very successful sales reps with a large enterprise company. They each have over 25 years experience selling to enterprise organizations. They are skilled and have great experience. When we started talking about LinkedIn, I made the assumption that they used it and knew how to use it well for relationship building, meeting new customers and filling their pipeline. This wasn’t true. 

Several times during the conversation each of them said, “I didn’t know you could do that with LinkedIn.”  I was surprised. 

How are you using LInkedIn for building relationships and filling your pipeline? Maybe you have been on LInkedIn for years and have a large network of connections. But, do you use it to actively create new, strategic relationships to help build your funnel? Unfortunately, most people do not.  I wanted to share this article to help those who know they could use LinkedIn better but not sure where to start. This is for you! 

Before you read the complete article and their 5 essentials for LinkedIn, let’s add 1 more valuable essential for building great relationships with your buyers with LInkedIn

Share valuable content when you connect with them! 

I don’t know about you but I get so many connection requests every day. Plus, I get connection request that start with a big lie. They say they want to connect with me so we can learn from each other and add value to each other. However, they immediately send me a follow message telling me how great their product is and ask if we can schedule a call to discuss it.  If I used this strategy “in real life” I am sure that no one would want to talk with me. They would see my attempt at building a relationship as me just wanting to sell them something. And, they should see it as that because that is exactly what it is. 

To start your relationship with your new connection the best way possible, adding value to them instead of asking them for something, give them value. The best way to add value is to share valuable information with them.  Here is a great example from our customer, Dave Lewark with Xactly

Think about the connections you get in LinkedIn and how you would feel if they followed up your acceptance with some insights and information. It is a huge game changer for setting the foundation for a good relationship and one that your connection will want to engage. 

For 5 more essential for using LinkedIn, read this article by clicking the link below. 

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