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Sales 101

Sales 101

What does your average sales day look like?

Let me guess…

  1. First, you check your emails to see if any cold emails you sent out to your target list were answered
  2. Now, you spend time continuing to build up your email list by looking for email addresses of new prospective contacts
  3. In addition, you continue to work through the lists that your marketing team have provided of companies who have visited the website recently
  4. Now it’s on to looking for phone numbers of contacts so you can make some cold calls 
  5. Oops, it’s lunchtime! 
  6. Ok now onto making the daily cold calls for a couple of hours hoping you can reach more people this time
  7. Luckily one of the leads that came in from marketing last month / Website conversions has developed into a quote that you can work on and get out to the prospective customer
  8. Lastly, there are some customer calls to make just to see how they are doing and ask for potential referrals or if they have any additional needs
  9. Well, that’s a long day, now it’s repeat, repeat, repeat BUT with this process, you are lucky to have just a few actual engagements a day! 
  • The problem is… we know you have to have at least 10+ prospective customer engagements/day to get results

So let’s see, what could your day look like if you were digital and using social selling? 

Let’s assume you have a basic or good profile set up on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and maybe even Instagram depending on what industry you are in…

  1. Based upon the content you posted last week you engage back with all those who engaged with your content

(1 shared from your company blog + 3 shared from the industry you are in and 1 you wrote yourself on a recent customer experience)

  1. From this, you end up with on average 10-15 new customer engagements/day 
  2. Now you research all the key contacts in your target account lists (ABM) and connect with as many as you can with thoughtful and insightful comments designed to maximize responses
  3. By tracking all of this either on something like Navigator or a social CRM you can see and keep on top of what is getting you the best engagement
  4. Now to follow up with customers but instead of sending emails you are doing this in real-time via social media and getting instant feedback and insight on their real needs today
  5. In addition, they are referring you to add new contacts you are now connecting with via LinkedIn
  6. Once a week you and your team do online video discussions about your industry and the challenges faced by customers, this always leads to engagements and many new contacts…plus you invite your top prospects and customers  who often join live or watch later 
  7. Now it’s time to look at the content to be curated for tomorrow… is it shared from marketing with your own comments and insights OR is it researched Industry-specific insight OR should you write your own based on a recent customer experience? 
  8. Got that done, scheduled, and set up to go out across your profiles for tomorrow
  9. Now the meetings you set up from last week/zoom calls and demo are all done through social selling. This leads to more engagements and new contacts… 
  10. Yikes, the day is done, and you missed lunch! That’s Ok…maybe you’ll have time tomorrow! 
  • All In all, you end up with an average of 50+ new engagements/week and just as many new contacts with an additional ‘5’ new meetings for the next week!

Now, this may seem simple…but it is not!

It takes training and the development of a whole new set of skills

This will not happen by attending a rah-rah session or attending a master LinkedIn training class! 

This requires actual one-on-one training over a period of weeks and across all digital media!

So you have “3” choices…

  1. Ask your organization for the training you need
  2. Go about getting the training you need on your own
  3. Leave and find an organization that understands today’s digital customers and the need for digital skills instead of analog …

So what’s your plan for the rest of 2022?

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