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Blue-Collar Workers Make the Leap to Tech Jobs, No College Degree Necessary

Have you changed careers?

This is such great news and is a silver lining to the pandemic we have all suffered through.

Let’s face it, we need to upgrade our workforce significantly and our current education system is failing us miserably.

We are not educating or training our young people in a way consistent with the needs of our society.

This is an enormous problem in so many areas of our current workforces, not the least of which is manufacturing and logistics.

Here is a shining example of what is possible. 

Companies in dire need of tech employees are bending or removing their previous rules and no longer have such rigid pre-requirements. 

Instead, they are training. Brilliant. 

We see this in the tech sector but not as yet as prevalent in the manufacturing, Ag, or service sectors. 

It took the pandemic to push the need for these changes forward and it’s about time! 

Let’s keep pushing the need for changes in education to the benefit of all and not just the chosen few! 

This article is published on:https://www.wsj.com/articles/tech-jobs-no-college-degree-necessary-11649371535

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