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Never Cold Call Again? Up Your Game with Digital Selling

Up your sales results with digital selling.  

From DigitizeHQ and the Expert Panel Discussion Series

Is cold calling dead?  We know it is very controversial amongst sales professionals. 

We believe phones are still a very valuable sales tool. But, do you need cold calls? 

If the goal is to book meetings with ideal customers, is the phone, email or social the most efficient return on investment for booking meetings? 

Join the panelist as they share examples and solutions for booking meetings and hitting sales goals using social as communication channel. 

If you don’t have time for the video, you can always download the free guide, How to Build a Robust LinkedIn Profile that Helps Create Booked Meetings here. 

A few key conversation points from the video

16:50 – Susan Berger shares 2 key benefits to using social to book meetings

30:20 – Thomas Ross, who has spent 1000’s of hours cold calling talking about cold calling vs social engagement

41:00 – Susan and Mike Aldrich share a simple, easy way for any sales professional to start with social. And, the most engaged posts they share that you can also do today. 

43:00 – Brandon explains what it means to “be human” in sales as it pertains to simple social activity that helps create first meetings. 

This conversation is about the use case for cold calling and the digital alternative that data shows is a more efficient use of time with a higher return. 

We hear it all the time that social selling doesn’t work. These comments tend to come from sales professionals who tried to use social as a substitute for cold email outreach. We agree with them. That sales activity does not work.  However, that is NOT using a social profile and activity to create meetings. That is interrupting prospects and putting unsolicited messages in their social inbox. 

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